Sideral Forte

Sideral Forte

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  • Sideral is a nutritional supplement that contains Sucrosomial® Iron (Sideral® r.m) and vitamin C, aimed at treating alimentary deficiency or as a complement when higher organic levels of these nutrients are required.

Exclusive ingredients

Sideral r.m.®, Sucrosomial® iron pyrophosphate, reduces the side effects commonly associated with other types of iron. Iron is a microelement at the core of many metabolic processes, carrying out key functions such as bringing oxygen to the tissues, transferring electrons during breathing and aiding the activity of a number of enzymatic systems. The daily iron requirement varies in relation to the different physiological conditions (menstruation, bleeding, pregnancy). Thus, it is evident the importance of an adequate iron supplement to maintain a good state of health.


Sucrosomial® Iron:30 mg by capsule
Vitamin E:70 mg by capsule


Sideral Forte is recommended to all kinds of people and it is particularly useful in cases where iron needs to be supplemented over a sustained period of time. Indeed it contributes to:

  • Normal cognitive function,
  • Normal energy-yielding metabolism,
  • Normal oxygen transport in the body,
  • Normal formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin
  • Normal function of the immune system,
  • The reduction of tiredness and fatigue.


Sucrosomial® Iron is a registered trademark

Sideral® is a registered trademark

Sideral® r.m. is a patented ingredient based on Sucrosomial® Iron


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